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Lior Kaplan: PDO_IBM: tracking changes publicly

July 16, 2017 13:13 , by Planet Debian - 0no comments yet | No one following this article yet.
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As part of my work at Zend (now a RogueWave company), I maintain the various patch sets. One of those is the changes for PDO_IBM extension for PHP.

After some patch exchange I decided it’s would be easier to manage the whole process over a public git repository, and maybe gain some more review / feedback along the way. Info at https://github.com/kaplanlior/pecl-database-pdo_ibm/commits/zend-patches

Another aspect of this, is having IBMi specific patches from YIPS (young i professionals) at http://www.youngiprofessionals.com/wiki/index.php/XMLService/PHP, which itself are patches on top of vanilla releases. Info at https://github.com/kaplanlior/pecl-database-pdo_ibm/commits/zend-patches-for-yips

So keeping track over these changes as well is easier while using git’s ability to rebase efficiently, so when a new release is done, I can adapt my patches quite easily. Make sure the changes can be back and forward ported between vanilla and IBMi versions of the extension.

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Source: https://liorkaplan.wordpress.com/2017/07/16/pdo_ibm-tracking-changes-publicly/

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