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Debian turns 24!

August 16, 2017 15:50 , von Bits from Debian - 0no comments yet | Es folgt noch niemand diesem Artikel.
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Today is Debian's 24th anniversary. If you are close to any of the cities celebrating Debian Day 2017, you're very welcome to join the party!

If not, there's still time for you to organize a little celebration or contribution to Debian. For example, spread the word about Debian Day with this nice piece of artwork created by Debian Developer Daniel Lenharo de Souza and Valessio Brito, taking inspiration from the desktop themes Lines and softWaves by Juliette Belin:

Debian 24

If you also like graphics design, or design in general, have a look at and join the team! Or you can visit the general list of Debian Teams for many other opportunities to participate in Debian development.

Thanks to everybody who has contributed to develop our beloved operating system in these 24 years, and happy birthday Debian!


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