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Debian Minimalistic Idea

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My attempt to bring Debian's current website out of the stone age. I took a minimalistic approach because bandwidth is expensive and things, quite frankly, look better and cleaner that way. As the first news entry says, this design consists of only 5 HTTP objects (excluding CSS and HTML): the logo, the striped background in the header, the background with the top shadowed in the text below the header, the US flag, and the RSS icon. The page is elastic and should work at any resolution, and uses only typesets that everyone can display (DejaVu Sans in the mockup). This design addresses key faults in the current one, such as the difficulty in navigation, especially for users who do not speak English. While the site takes advantage of content negotiation, the manual language switch is placed at the very bottom of every page! So in this design the language will be represented by a flag that's immediately visible to everyone, without scrolling. And of course, the current design is fairly unattractive and is really, really old. This one is modern, clean, and if I do say so myself, attractive. I addressed these without deviating from the central idea that the website should easily be accessible to everyone and that includes dialup users, another key reason I took a minimalistic approach. I will do my best to code this so that all browsers can display it properly but IE almost always throws me for a loop in that regard. >< And this is just a mockup. An idea. I would LOVE to see this go somewhere and actually become the new design for Debian's website but I cannot guarantee that. [url=http://svn.rivalsource.net/pub/debian-minimal/][b]Now live![/b][/url]

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