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Registering a new user

To be part of the system, you need to register yourself. After registering, you will be able to join communities, enterprises, add friends and much more.

How to access

  1. In the system homepage you will see a box to get into the system.
  2. Click on “New user”: Register on box


  1. You will see registration form. Fill it with you information and read and accept the system terms of use.
    • The fields with red names are mandatory, so your registration won’t be done if they are not filled in.
    • Your e-mail and login must be unique within the system. So, if you fill in with a login/e-mail that already exists in the system, a message will be shown informing the error and you should choose another login/e-mail.
    • After clicking the “Sign up” button you will be redirected to your control panel, where you can change your settings and start using the system.
      Signup form

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