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Advanced search

When an user is navigating on the system, he can do a search to find articles, communities, people, enterprises or products.

How to access

Do a search as explained in Searching


  1. Click on “More options” to specify the search More options button on search
  2. Type what you want to search on the system More options on search
    1. Select the State where you want to find what you are looking for
    2. Select the City where you want to find what you are looking for
    3. The distance that you define in this field will be used to find what you want. The system will search the articles/people/communities/events/enterprises/products that are up to that distance from the city specified
    4. Choose what you are looking for
    5. Click on “Search” button to do the search.
  3. In this example, we searched for “free software” in articles/people/communities/events/enterprises/products. Then you will see a screen with the search result. Each box brings one kind of information with a limited number of results. To see more results of a box, click on “See all” link below the box. Advanced search results with example

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