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Sending e-mail to members

If you are a community administrator, you can send e-mail to all members of your community.

How to access

  1. Find your user menu on top bar: Top menu
  2. In user menu, click on Control Panel: Control panel on menu
  3. Then, click on “Manage my groups” button: Manage groups in control panel
  4. You will see the list of groups (communities/enterprises) that you are a member. The groups that you can manage are listed with a link “Manage”. Assuming that you are a community administrator, click on “Manage” link. Groups list with permission to manage enterprise


  1. In community control panel, click on “Manage members” Manage members in control panel
  2. You will see the members list of community and the send e-mail button. Click on the button.
    Community's members list
  3. Fill in the “Subject” field with the subject of the e-mail and the “Body” field with the content of the e-mail you want to send. Then, click on “Send” Sending e-mail to community members

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