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Creating a community

You can create communities to interact to others users

How to access

  1. Find you user menu on top bar: Top menu
  2. In user menu, click on Control Panel Control panel on menu
  3. Then, click on “Manage my groups”: Manage groups in control panel


  1. Find the button “Create a new community” and click on it. Groups list
  2. You will see a form to be filled with the community information. Form for creation of a community
    1. Name: Fill in with the name of the community you want to create.
    2. Tag list: Fill in with tags. Tags are keywords or terms associated to your community.
    3. Image: Insert a picture. It will be the image of your community. Click on “File…” and choose the image in your computer. The image must have a maximum of 500Kb and should be .jpg , .gif or .png.
    4. New members must be approved: You should choose if the community should be moderated. Choosing the first option, a moderator needs to approve when a person asks to join the community. Choosing the second option, no moderation is needed.
    5. After filling the fields, click on “Create” button.
  3. If allowed by the environment, the community will be already created. Otherwise, the environment administrator will need to approve/deny the new community.

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